The Opportunity

Big-brand merchant account services typically charge several fees for every transaction, which cut into the profit of every sale at the retail level. This adds up to a whopping $54 billion that seeps from our communities into the hands of credit card companies.

MyTown, on the other hand, charges a mere fraction of those fees, which makes it appealing to both high-volume and smaller merchants. They contacted PSG for help connecting their systems to the banking world.

The Solution

PSG's web service for ACH payments allowed MyTown to quickly enable their core technology - the movement of funds between merchants and customers. PSG's web service was much simpler than the APIs of other popular companies, reducing both development time and expense for MyTown. PSG provided sample projects to MyTown's developers and they were able to complete testing and go into production in a single week.

MyTown's innovative service is designed for all small and mid-sized businesses that want to stop losing money to credit card fees. The service offers them a suite of powerful marketing and tracking tools. These unique tools empower merchants to focus on building relationships with their customers, without the stress of mounting credit card processing fees.

The Results

MyTown leverages technology and today's social media to introduce a new paradigm in which to prosper. MyTown is about to set the standard for commerce of the future.