The Opportunity

The PSG team met with the company’s management team and provided in-depth comparisons of all available loan acceleration offerings.

We demonstrated how our online customer service portal, electronic commissions, and private label branding trumped the competition. We were able to provide higher commissions, deep program branding, more program flexibility, and a full-service web site for the agents, dealerships, and customers.

The Solution

Above and beyond the competition, PSG offered our client:

  1. A secure, online customer portal where customers can view and manage their accounts in real time.
  2. A web portal where employees, sales agents, dealerships, and sales persons can monitor accounts, commissions, view reports, perform data mining, and more.
  3. Automated electronic commissions that are payable to anyone involved in the enrollment process.
  4. Private-label branding customized to their corporate policies.
  5. Electronic payments through integration with the MasterCard RPPS program.
  6. Constant monitoring to ensure regulatory compliance, and the ability to update security practices as standards change.

The auto insurance services company wanted a credible program that clearly explained the benefits without hiding the truth behind misleading statements of “Projected Savings.” PSG showed them how our calculators were developed and only presented truthful and easy-to-understand figures.

The Results

The PSG team created a new, private-label branded program for their use. This service included complete customization of the web portal, marketing materials, and customer agreements. The PSG team also coordinated the new offering with the auto services of Reynolds & Reynolds and ADP.

Our client wanted a full-service solution, not just a “Reseller” opportunity. We delivered in full . . . and on time.