The Opportunity

The owner explored a number of options, but didn’t want to send his customers to a third-party site to complete the transaction. He thought it looked unprofessional and believed that he risked his credibility and his customer’s sense of security.

On the other hand, integration methods offered by major credit card processors were complex and difficult. His business plans were being delayed by the inability to find an easy way to process payments. He had an inventory to move and sales projections to meet.

The merchant had three concerns:

  1. How to accept ACH payments on his website and who could credibly, reliably and securely perform this service for him.
  2. A reasonable transaction rate for his sales.
  3. Appropriate business and technical advice on how to make this payment option available for his customers.

The Solution

The PSG team used web conferencing to host real-time presentations of how our ACH payment processing services could either be integrated directly into his web site or a low cost e-commerce shopping cart. The retailer’s development team was able to quickly decide that using our web service would be the fastest development path. The owner also enjoyed knowing he and his people had direct access to PSG’s management and development staff as the project moved forward - instead of being just a number in a support queue somewhere offshore. (NOTE: Need some more “solution” details here.)

The Results

Within a matter of days from the first presentation, our client had our solution up and running and started accepting ACH payments on his website. Not only did he save a bundle versus using a traditional credit card solution, he was also offering his customers this seamless solution that Internet shoppers have come to expect from eTailers.