The Opportunity

The organization had been faced with a deluge of paper checks to process, NSF check returns, and the postal service losing checks in the mail. They knew they were wasting valuable time and money by accepting paper checks, and were beginning to truly understand the hit they were taking in bounced checks, lost payments, and exorbitant credit card transaction fees and discount rates.

They approached us with three specific goals to achieve:

  1. Collect nearly 100% of member dues by accepting payments by ACH.
  2. Dramatically reduce credit card transaction fees by leveraging a volume-based cost reduction.
  3. Cut administrative costs associated with manually processing payments, freeing staff to focus on member-related activities.

The Solution

The PSG team presented both time - and expense- saving features that our ACH and credit card web services offer. We also helped the organization present the benefits of using a debit versus a credit card to the members, emphasizing that the debit would guarantee almost 100% of their membership dues would be used for the organization and not transaction fees.

After reviewing a number of options to tackle this issue, the company’s development team chose us because of how simple our ACH web service is. Other providers required that they create an actual ACH file or make sense of complex API manuals – in other words, working with anyone else would be tricky, time-consuming, and expensive.

The Results

The overall solution allowed the organization to reduce a major portion of their credit card transaction fees, limit the number of paper checks handled each month and ultimately offer more member services.