The Opportunity

Through the expansion, the mortgage lender also picked up the myriad systems and mortgage acceleration programs of the companies it acquired. These systems all used different servers, databases, and programming languages, and the cost to maintain them was outweighing the revenue. One program was still mainframe-based and was decades old – impossible to upgrade to a new system.

It was time for a serious clean-up and integration job, so the client contacted PSG to overcome their system dilemma.

The Solution

After an analysis of the lender’s situation, including the expenses and head count required to maintain the current systems, we presented a solution based on modern technology used by several of PSG’s national and regional clients.

PSG designed an integrated private-label mortgage loan acceleration program that the lender and all its subsidiaries could use.

The service provided the following benefits:

  1. Private-labeled online enrollment and customer management portal.
  2. All current customers were exported to a single, enterprise-scalable application which enabled the lender to discontinue their disjointed,  outdated platforms.
  3. Data security, PCI compliance, backups, disaster recovery, maintenance, and software/hardware upgrades are all handled by PSG.
  4. MasterCard RPPS electronic payment services allowed customers to make their payments with confidence.

The Results

The lender was seeking a full-service in-house solution, not just a “Reseller” opportunity. They got it. Not only did PSG take the time to work with the client to understand their needs, we ensured that the system would be scalable and flexible enough to support future growth.