The Opportunity

The principals were familiar with the concept of mortgage loan acceleration. By “farming” their customer base, they felt they could generate a new revenue stream from enrollment fees.

They reached out to PSG to develop a custom, private-label offering to their client base.

The Solution

PSG tailored their mortgage loan acceleration platform to suit the regional firm’s needs. We handled the payment processing, on-line enrollment, and customer service all though a branded customer portal. We then were tasked with extending the program to other offices in their multi-state region.

We collaborated with our client to build a branded, private-label website with embedded on-line enrollment. Commission payments to the firm’s employees were fully automated. What’s more, we built extensive reporting capabilities to help regional managers track enrollment activity and commissions.

Finally, PSG’s marketing and development teams assisted our client with the design of the website, customer brochures, and internal training guides – all of which matched the firm’s brand.

The Results

As the result of working with PSG, the mortgage firm was able to increase regional office revenues, increase customer satisfaction, and help thousands of homeowners save tens of thousands of dollars in interest by paying off their mortgages faster . . . all in a matter of months!