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How Online Bill Pay Works

Online Bill Pay uses Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Check Printing, or a combination of both to move money from your customers to you—or vice versa in the case of rebates and refunds.

PSG will design your solution to custom-fit your current technology and your business needs. In essence, however, you’ll be able to send your customers an electronic notification of their statement—either by emailing them an invoice directly or to alert them that an invoice is ready for review on your website.

Once your customer logs in using your specified credentials, they’ll create an account that includes their bank routing information from the desired account and may also include credit card payment options if you offer merchant account services.

Then, they’ll simply authorize to send a specified amount to be paid to your business through ACH. The designated payment will be processed and transferred to your account.

Best of all, it requires very little lifting for your IT team (if any), since we handle the software customization and installation to adapt to your business’ infrastructure.

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