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Online Bill Pay Features

Our robust, custom technology gives your business a front-end system that allows customers to initiate electronic payments using the ACH Network. Customers can pay bills with their banking account, or by using credit or gift cards.

PSG provides a simple, reliable and secure method to manage their payments electronically.

PSG's Online Bill Pay platform lets you

  • Single-transaction support
    Large payments can be processed on an infrequent basis through our Client Support Center.
  • High-volume transaction management
    If you’re an online retailer or service provider, or if you’re a brick-and-mortar business looking to expand your presence online, PSG can design a right-fit, professional payment tool that extends your eCommerce platform.
  • ACH Payment Processing Engine (ACHPPE®)
    ACHPPE specializes in high volume transactions and can process several hundred thousand transactions in a manner of seconds. The web services interface to ACHPPE® is simple for programmers to use and provides real-time verification of data passed successfully into the ACH Network.
  • Detailed reporting and data mining
    Our solution also gives you detailed information regarding bank returns affecting your customers. This information may be available as soon as 24 hours after the initial transaction has been submitted.

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