Leveraging the biweekly
auto program

to increase F&I sales and get
customers coming back sooner

Biweekly Auto Loan Acceleration for Agents and Dealerships

Payment Systems Group works with Third-Party Product Administrators, Agents, and Dealerships across the country. We customize the biweekly program not just for auto dealerships, but RV, truck, boat, and powersports as well.

For the last 12 years, we've offered advanced features like:

  • Electronic payments to over 10,000 billers
  • Unlimited debit schedules to match customers' pay schedules
  • Online account management
  • Unlimited commission schedule possibilities

Dealership Advantages

  1. Increase F&I sales

    The biweekly loan acceleration program can easily be leveraged to add service protection options, GAP, etc. to a deal without increasing the customer's term or payment amount.

  2. Add more flexibility to sales

    Our biweekly calculators will show you how to easily lower the customer's monthly payment or decrease their term.

  3. Earn a generous commission

    Commissions are electronically deposited into your bank account. Once a customer is enrolled, we take care of everything... you simply enjoy your commission!

Interested in Pricing?

Each of our products scales up and down depending on your needs.

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We customize applications to suit our client's needs.

Customer Benefits

The Customer Gets More!

Additional F&I Options Without
Increasing Cost

Following the illustration below, you'll see the biweekly service can be used to keep the customer's term the same. Their biweekly payment is simply half of their monthly payment. The difference? The dealership just sold $1,500 of F&I products without increasing the customer's term or payment amount.

The diagram uses a $25,000, 60 month loan at 6%.

More Affordable!

A Lower Monthly Payment

The biweekly program can also be used to reduce the customer's monthly
payment. The loan below was changed to 66 months, lowering the payment
amount and the biweekly program reduced the term to the original 60 months.

The diagram uses a $22,000, 60 month loan at 7.1%.

Faster Ownership

Term Reduction & Increased Equity

Equity is built by paying down principal, not interest. In the biweekly auto program, every six months an extra half-payment is automatically paid toward principal, effortlessly hepling the customer increase their equity position. This leads to a higher rate of return customers. The program will even shorten a lease term.

The diagram uses a $22,000, 60 month loan at 7.1%.