Using the biweekly
mortgage program

to help customers own their home sooner

Biweekly Mortgage Affiliate Program

PSG's biweekly mortgage payment program can be a tremendous value-add service for mortgage companies, financial institutions, loan officers, and real estate professionals.

We offer various enrollment processes to fit your individual needs: paper, PDF forms, online, telephone, and web services. With little effort we can skin the enrollment process to match your branding. For a deeper integration, we also offer private label solutions.

We're here to provide custom biweekly mortgage payment solutions to meet your needs, whether you are a single loan officer or financial institution with numerous offices. Included in the program are biweekly calculators, sales presentations, and marketing materials.

To sign up, click the button below and your account will be created immediately. We'll contact you to provide training, support, and customization.

Biweekly Mortgage Benefits for You

  1. Earn a generous commission

    Set your own price structure, including multiple price points. Want to offer the program for free? We can help with that too.


  2. Customized pricing

    We can customize the program to include up-front pricing or a deferred program fee where your customer is charged nothing up front.

  3. Touch more customers

    Use the program to reach your current and previous customer base with another great tool to help them pay their mortgage off sooner.

Interested in Pricing?

Each of our products scales up and down depending on your needs.

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We customize applications to suit our client's needs.

Biweekly Mortgage Benefits for Your Customer

Interest Savings

Term Reduction &
Huge Interest Savings

You know your customers can easily pay 100% or more of their loan to interest payments. Using biweekly mortgage payments, customers will have made several automated principal-only payments each year, reducing their term. Average term reduction is between 5-8 years and interest savings can easily be $1,500 or more per year.

The diagram uses a $150,000, 30 year loan at 7.75%.

Equity Savings

Build Equity Faster

Equity is built by paying down principal, not interest. In the biweekly mortgage program, every six months an extra half-payment is paid toward principal. Half of homeowners will stay in their home for at least 10 years. At 10 years, those using a biweeky program will have an average 50 to 80% higher equity in their home than those that don't.

The diagram uses a $150,000, 30 year loan at 7.75%.

Reduce PMI

Stop Paying PMI Sooner

Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) seems to be an unnecessary evil... and a waste of money for the homeowner. A biweekly mortgage program will help customers be rid of PMI sooner by building equity and reducing the loan-to-value ratio to the point where PMI can be discontinued. Less PMI paid is more money in the homeowner's pocket!

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