Add another revenue
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while increasing customer satisfaction

How Loan Acceleration Works

The PSG loan acceleration application is designed around the biweekly debit concept that hundreds of thousands of homeowners use to pay off their mortgages and auto loans more quickly. It's a tried-and-true way for customers to save.

With most loans, customers generally write a check to their lender once a month. But with a loan acceleration program, half the monthly payment is automatically withdrawn every other week.

The biweekly payment method means your customer will have 26 half-payments withdrawn each year which adds up to 13 monthly payments instead of 12. Every 6 months, an extra payment is sent to pay down the principal.

These amounts add up fast and customers save big. Plus, the convenience of automatic payments better ensures that the lender is paid on time and is one less bill for your customers to worry about.

The 2 Big Advantages

  1. Reduce how much customers spend

    This leads to opportunities for up-selling products and features, and increased customer satisfaction yields more referrals and repeat business.

  2. Earn a generous commission

    Sell into your current customer base or on-board new customers. There's no limit to the commissions your business or sales team can earn.

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Each of our products scales up and down depending on your needs.

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Interest Savings

Reduce Your Term &
Increase your Interest Savings

Following the illustration below, in a normal mortgage, your home will take the full 30 years to pay off with $0 savings in interest. By using our mortgage savings program, your term is reduced to 23 years and you save $63,000. By paying an additional $250 every month, your home is paid off in 15 years and you save $132,000 in interest.

The diagram uses a $150,000, 30 year loan at 7.75%.

Equity Savings

Build Equity Faster

You build equity in your home by paying down principal, not interest. In a biweekly system, every six months, an extra half-payment is paid toward your principal. Using the illustration below, you can see the dramatic increase in equity over the life of your loan. The house on the right is paid off completely in 23 years. Even if you sell your home early, you still benefit by actually owning more of your house than if you didn't use our mortgage saving program.

The diagram uses a $150,000, 30 year loan at 7.75%.

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