Add another revenue
stream to your business

while increasing customer satisfaction

Loan Acceleration Features

Payment Systems Group certainly isnít the only Loan Acceleration technology available, but our solution stands apart for our clients because of our reliable, secure, credible technology; our flexibility in working with our customers; the speed with which our programs have been implemented; and the only service provider to provide full online access to customers and resellers.

If youíve been feeling like Goldilocks in your search for a partner, youíll probably find us to be just right.

Compatible with all lenders

  • Over 10,000 institutions can be paid electronically
  • Electronic payments will process in 24 hours

Convenient online tools

  • Secure, online customer portal
  • Secure, online retail portal
  • Online tools including Savings Analysis, Biweekly Calculator and Business Intelligence Reports
  • End-to-end support for you and your customers

Robust, enterprise scalable & secure technology

  • Payment processing built on a secure, Web Services platform
  • FDIC Insured bank partners
  • Detailed data mining and reports

Rewarding revenue potential

  • Revenue sharing plan
  • Electronic commission distribution

Interested in Pricing?

Each of our products scales up and down depending on your needs.

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We customize applications to suit our client's needs.

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Seamless Integration into Gap Insurance Company

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