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that works seamlessly

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When it comes to building technology that moves money, you won't find a better business partner than Payment Systems Group. Our extensive experience in payment technologies ensures that your project will be a success - on time and within budget.

Our payment-processing platform is designed as a web service - software as a service that supports computer to computer interaction over a network. Web services are usually web applications that can be accessed over a network like the Internet, and are executed on a remote system hosting the service.

In a nutshell, regardless of what platform your in-house technologies are built upon, web services provide the communication gateway between us.

Top benefits of our web services technology

  1. No need to change your existing solutions

    Platform independence means it integrates with any programming language (.NET, PHP, Java, etc.) and any platform (Microsoft, Linux, Unix, etc.).

  2. Your solution will be secure and compliant

    You don't need to have in-depth knowledge about payment processing and compliance issues, NACHA Rules, Regulation E, etc.

  3. It's always up to date

    Changes in technology or regulations are constantly monitored, maintained and upgraded by PSG.

  4. Real-time confirmations

    Unlike old FTP file transfers, you'll receive instant confirmations of your transfer or notifications about any connection problems.

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