Terms of Use

Table of Contents

I. General Description of Agreement

A. What This Agreement Covers


B. Accepting the Agreement


II. Services

A. Services for Businesses and Consumers

B. Additional Services


III. Description of Payment Services

A. ACH Transactions


B. Check Transactions


C. Credit Card Transactions


D. Limitations and Dollar Amounts for Transactions


E. Canceling Transactions


F. Our Liability for Failure to Cancel or Stop the Transaction


IV. Other Terms and Conditions

A. Changes to Your Account or Personal Information


B. Other Charges


C. Service Hours


D. Participation by Payees


E. Changes to this Agreement


F. Cancellation


G. Use of Email Address


H. Contact by Payment Systems Group, Inc. or Affiliated Parties


I. Initiating Transaction Inquiries


J. Disclosure of Account Information


K. Authorization to Discuss My Account with Payee


V. Additional Provisions

A. Limitation of PSG's Liability


B. Our Liability for Failure to Complete Transactions


C. Acknowledgement of Commercially Reasonable Security Procedures


D. Funds Holding Period


VI. Notices and Contacting PSG


VII. Electronic Disclosure and Consent