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Read some of the success stories we're most proud of to learn how easy it is to partner with us and how quickly we can deliver a solution that addresses complex payment system needs.

We were the behind-the-scenes technology team in most cases, so we're not at liberty to disclose all our clients' names. But if you give us a call, we'd love to show you some of the final products for the solutions you'll read about below.

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Featured Success Stories

  • Cutting Cash
    Transfer Fees

    Learn how a new company is replacing Visa, MasterCard and American Express with an alternative payment platform.

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  • Bulletproof Rent

    Find out how property owners and tenants alike take advantage of the benefits of automated monthly payments.

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  • Integrating New
    Revenue Streams

    See how an insurance company develops new mortgage acceleration services for existing customers with almost no overhead.

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  • Seamless Integration into
    Gap Insurance Company

    Learn how a major insurance services company builds an auto loan acceleration program that raises commissions and brand awareness.

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  • Making Each
    Transaction Pay More

    Find out how an online retailer improves customer satisfaction while simplifying the process of online payment processing.

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  • Raising More Money
    Without Raising Dues

    A national membership organization sees a higher rate of return by switching from checks to electronic payments - learn how they do it.

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  • Smoothing the
    Process of Acquisition

    See how a mortgage lender integrates its many acquisitions seamlessly using a unified mortgage loan acceleration program.

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  • Boosting Revenue,
    Pleasing Customers

    Despite a tough real estate market, one regional mortgage firm builds a new revenue stream while improving customer satisfaction - find out how.

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  • Fast Integration
    of Online Payments

    A tech startup builds electronic transactions into their cell phone micropayment system literally overnight - see how it happens.

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Types of businesses we help

  • Auto dealerships
  • Technology firms and consultants
  • Mortgage companies and lenders
  • Schools and Universities
  • Retailers
  • Non-profit organizations and fundraisers
  • Property management firms
  • eCommerce
  • Start-up businesses
  • Anyone needing custom payment solutions

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"For a start-up, every little bit counts and every mistake is costly. Payment Systems Group integrated our application with their payment services flawlessly, and that got our service to market that much faster."

Mark Hoeman
President, Alyoop, Inc.

"I wanted a firm that could provide the newest, most robust technology for managing my auto loan acceleration program. Payment Systems Group exceeded my expectations, and I'm happy to say they treat my customers as well as I do myself."

Matt Croak
CEO, GapWise